Saturday, June 21, 2014

Some of you may remember when Daisy got attacked by a huge tree branch, while parked on a friend's property.

Here's the link to the pics from that very sad day, back in June 2012:

We could still tow her and camp in her, however, I knew I had to get her fixed. I didn't like her with broken parts and I was concerned that she was leaking.

I towed her down to Brian Morrow, my trailer dude, in May...the same trailer dude that completely rebuilt her just a year prior.

Here are a couple pics showing Daisy, fully exposed....sad and broken. Obviously she was leaking a bit too....

And here she is with new skin and bones!!!

Can't wait to get her back and go camping again!!!! Thank you Brian!! I know you were NOT looking forward to this project. :0)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Winter Camping at Fort Warden - Port Townsend, WA

My son, Alec, and I had an AMAZING time at Fort Warden this winter!!! 

He brought along his Canon 6D, set it up on his tripod, at night, and here's the result! NOT touched up or filtered in any way. Just pure, long exposure goodness.

Oh, and...he's 15. 

Daisy looking all cute amongst the stars.....

Alec making many wishes....even caught a shooting star!

Fort Warden has so much cool, old history. Here is an old spotlight housing that was used to search for enemy ships!

Our VERY favorite place to eat in Port Townsend - The Fountain Cafe - INCREDIBLE

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Daisy Does Canada

Had an amazing time in White Rock, BC this weekend at the SUNDOG Semiahmoo SUP Classic!  Turns out, my friend Sara (a Stand up Paddler too!) ALSO has a retro Shasta!  We parked our rigs next to each other at a little RV "park" (parking lot) in White Rock.   It was a blast!
Daisy and Betty

Tamara going all 1950's

Sara and Sharon hangin at the RV Park

White Rock BC

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Camping at Fort Worden State Park - Port Townsend, WA

 Daisy felt a bit inferior next to all the ginormous RVs!!

 A trick that Nancy from Easton Park Campground taught us!
 Warms the cracker and melts the chocolate.....

 Point Wilson Lighthouse

 My boy, shining like the always...

 Me and my baby girl at sunset...

The kids got to feed the Sea Urchin some kelp, the Seastars got clams and the crabs got fish heads...The Marine Science Center is very cool!

 Point Wilson Lighthouse..they say it's haunted....

 Daisy ready for bed

 The next morning, I had a GREAT paddling experience on the Admiralty Inlet

Here are just a couple of my favorites from the Rosly Vintage Trailer Rally.... They were amazing....

Saturday, June 30, 2012

I recently found these photos from my childhood. These photos were taken in the late 1960's - early 19'70's. I loved this trailer...we went everywhere in our Rambler Station Wagon, towing the trailer behind us. Soooooo many memories.....

 My brother Steve, my mom and me....
 My parents house in Ocean Shores before they fixed it up and 
before they sold our trailer for..(gasp!) $100!!!!!
 Hanging out at Grandpa Clerico's in California
 A trip to Mount Rainier - Mom, me (looking kind of mutant with that large head) and my brother Steve. Dad was the photographer...always....
I put this one in to show that I finally grew into my head. This was taken at Neah Bay - the furthest most northern tip of the continental United States. We recently took our kids there. It's beautiful!!!

Daisy gets attacked by huge tree branch

Well, this was a VERY sad day. A freak, very fast moving storm came through a couple weeks ago and a very large tree limb fell onto Daisy's roof, bounced off and ended up on the propane tank. The impact crunched the frame and broke some of the wood. I patched the roof line so she doesn't leak at all but it's a bummer. Some day, I'll have her fixed but for now, she is towable and useable.....

A sad day for Daisy indeed......